Improve the Health and Welfare Benefits of Your Union Trust Members

PBS lead by Carl Romstadt, is career California labor and trust expert. Carl has worked closely with trust operations from a number of perspectives including: medical cost containment, health and welfare products, processes, networks and trends, insurance carrier negotiations and operations, collective bargaining agreements, internal technology platforms and much more.
PBS understands health care expenses are the central concern of most trustees. Medical costs are continuing to escalate, while trust fund balances remain largely static. This trend will continue to put pressure on trustees to streamline and modernize their operations.

PBS works with Management and Union Trustees to significantly increase the efficiency of existing programs, while identifying and sourcing new products and services to reduce costs and increase overall value of health and welfare benefits.

Carl Romstadt | Principal

Carl Romstadt is a leading California authority on current health and welfare trends and large group process and procedures specific to union Health and Welfare benefit trusts. With 37 years spent in the health and welfare insurance field, Carl has worked closely with administrators and trustees of dozens of health and welfare trust funds throughout the nation to develop strategic cost containment.
Carl has held senior management positions for labor and trust accounts within various sectors of the insurance industry. Most recently Carl served as Vice President, Labor & Trust Sales & Marketing for Intercare Insurance Services where he created a Labor & Trust division and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) division and processes for workers' compensation, managed care, self-insured programs and TPA services. Prior to joining Intercare, Carl was Vice President Labor and Trust Division for Health Net of California, where he developed labor and trust programs for over 200,000 union members. Carl has worked with Fortune 50 companies such as Health Net and Foundation Health, and a wide variety of insurance carriers including Sun Life of Canada and United Life. Carl founded and developed the Labor and Trust Department and programs for various insurance company’s In his early career, Carl has built dental plans and health plans for many large insurance carriers.